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openfree for maximum synthetivity and entrepreneurship aims to spread valuable bio-information throughout the world and provides openfree services to other internet entities and companies. The BioPeople in BioFoundation believe that information and knowledge are the essense of human existence and endow freedom and power to people all across the boundaries of race, nationality, education, and money.   Join Biofoundation !

Doing bio-science and living a biological life can be fun and profitable.

We want to let young people understand the beauty and fun of doing biological science research.

BioFoundation's sub-organizations:

  1. Open and free bio-organizations: e.g.
  2. Social bio-organizations: e.g.
  3. Commercial bio-organizations: e.g.


BioFoundation Projects

  1. Philosophical development for sharing knowledge as biological information objects in the universe
  2. Biology and Bioinformatics for expanding our tools, DBs and knowledge on life
  3. Training people for persistently operating Bio- projects
  4. Providing infrastructure for research and development in biomatics
  5. Providing biological information service to diverse kinds of information objects in the universe.
  6. openfree BiO journal: Provides publishing window for biologists.
  7. Biowiki: openfree biological knowledge building project and its program name.
  8. Genome Foundation
  9. Human Genome Rights

Who owns BioFoundation?

    All of us. BioFoundation is under BioLicense. BioLicense advocates that no database, software, knowledge and information is exclusively owned by any small number of people. It is owned by all of us as the great information processing brain.


History of BioFoundation and other Bio- sites

Working and partnering with us

External Links
Open Bioinformatics Foundation
Budapest OpenAccess petition banner


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