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Jong Bhak

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Jong Bhak is a Korean researcher in the field of bioinformatics, genomics, biomatics, gerontology, and biosophy

Jong's life long interest in biology is aging or gerontology.

I live in Korea now(since 2003). 

I am the director of GRF (Genome Research Foundation). Also, am I the director of Theragen Bio Institute (since 16th Sep. 2009)

I used to be the director of KOBIC (Korean Bio Information Center, since 2005), KRIBB, Korea. 

short bio for ISCB 2008 Toronto

KOBIC is NCBI of Korea. It is the central biotechnology information center of Korea.

KOBIC has about 50 people in bioinformatics field.

Jong is 
   a free thinker.
   a non-societal wild animal
   a non-believer
   a big chunk of protein complex
   a Biological Information Object (BiO)
   an independent thinker
   a philosopher
   a biosopher
   a bioinformatist

Research keywords: 

Biological topics:

Bioinformtics topics:
Bioinformatics, interactomics, structural bioinformatics, protein folding, protein modelling, network biology, biogerontology, geronto-genomics, bioenergetics, Bioperl, Biojava, Biosophy, Variomics, openfree Genomics, Free Genome Project, $0 Genome project

Infomation Technology interests
Internet, Web server, Linux, Perl


Jong's personal preferences
Jong's favourite flower is wild Tiger Lily

File:Busan from gogalsan.jpg

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