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We support efficiency in information exchange - Biofoundation_net

We support efficiency in information exchange

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BioFoundation is an organization that hopes to contribute to promoting a free, open, fair, objective, and clean way of conducting biological research.

We support fully free synthesis, accumulation, and distribution of biological knowledge and information in any forms.

Biofoundation proposed:

1. BioLicense: an openfree license open for everybody and all the biological knowledge.
2. Biosophy: a new philosophy for human beings and machines.
3. Bioreligion: the first on-line computational religion that is for all the biological beings (including humans)
4. Bioism: an ism that is based on biological understanding and principles of the universe.

Everyone is welcome to join and express his/her own ideas on how we can organize the knowledge and world we live in. | |


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