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Biofoundation net:About

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About BioFoundation

BioFoundation is the first foundation of bioinformatics that has been supporting entirely free and open exchange of biodata, bioinformation, and bioknowledge such as genome information in the world.

It was established in 1995. Since then, it has proposed extremely free style exchange of bioinformation for the world.

It also manages many bio- domains on the net. BioFoundation.Net forms a cluster of openfree and not-so-free bio- sites on the net.


What is BioFoundation? 

BioFoundation.Net is an organization for maintaining data, information, and knowledge databases and servers for biological information objects in the universe.
It uses BioLicense for all the information and materials collected and synthesized by information processing objects such as humans and computers.

It is an openfree organization with the least possible restrictions in participating in.

It manages thousands of bio- internet domains called BiO Community Cluster.

BioFoundation.Net runs internet domains that are relevant to every aspect of biological information processing in the universe. We discover, distribute, and manage biological knowledge in the openfree scheme.

The home site of BioFoundation.Net is located on-line:

Major Projects run by BioFoundation:
1) Biosophy: The highest philosophy construction project by BioFoundation.
2) Biomatics: The technological and engineering branch to build bioinformation universe; "Biouniverse".
3) Biosociety: The society established by biosophy and biomatics.
4) BioLicense: BioLicense is the license scheme for all the biomedical data, information, and knowledge.

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